Free Lecture tonight in Sydney: Hellenic Communities of the Mediterranean

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Costa Vertzayias and Billy Cotsis. Two renowned supporters of Hellenism, tireless campaigners of maintaining the Greek language and culture, and successful authors.

Individually, they come with an impressive resume of career highlights and achievements in their chosen fields. Vertzayias, a stalwart of SAE, an Order of Australia recipient and a successful lawyer. Cotsis, a film-maker of many short films including the recent documentary, Lesvos Fall in Love which has been winning awards and accolades around the world, a history buff who has visited over 50 countries and documented his experiences

Screen Shot 2017 11 23 at 10.51.45 amAs a duo, they are a powerful presence, mesmerising audiences with their facts and figures and the passion for Hellenic history that seeps out of their pores.

Their lectures are always a great success, including their lectures on “Surviving and Extinct Greek Communities in the World” last year. They are back again tonight as part of the 36th Greek Festival of Sydney in another not to be missed presentation, this time on Hellenic Communities in the Mediterranean, where they will provide attendees with a snapshot of these historic communities and how they came about, how they survived and what impact they have had on Hellenism.

A particular focus will be on Egypt, Magna Graecia of Italy, Malta, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, France, Ceuta, Spain, Libya, Palestine, Israel and Asia Minor.

“The modern construct of the Hellenic Republic and Cyprus are not the only places in the Mediterranean where Hellenes can still be found,” says Cotsis. “However, centuries ago one could find Greek speaking communities all across the Mediterranean thanks to the colonies, and some of the great Hellenistic Era (post Alexander) empires. Today Hellenes can still be found in places such as Magna Graecia, Turkey, Egypt and Syria, with some tracing their history back to the ancient colonies.

“These communities have provided some of the most notable Hellenes in history, for example Cavafy in Alexandria and Saint Frumentius of Syria. We are proud to present what we have researched and come across via our respective travels over the years to these places and communities.”

This free lecture will be taking place tonight at 6.45pm for a 7pm start at Beta Bar,238 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. Light catering will be served courtesy of Beta Bar.

Bookings: 9750 0440 or [email protected]


Gina Mamouzelos

Gina Mamouzelos is a second generation Greek Australian who grew up immersed in her Greek heritage, including the language, traditions, culture and listening to her grandparent’ mesmerising tales about life in Greece. Passionate about ensuring the Greek language is not forgotten among the younger generations, in 2002 she became a panel member on the SBS Greek radio show ‘Let’s Talk Openly.' She graduated with a Media and Communications degree from the University of Sydney and has put her lifelong passion for writing to use working in social media, public relations and advertising. Gina now joins GCT's team as a writer.