Apple’s new major project named “Kalamata”


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Apple according to Bloomberg, will see Silicon Valley's giant cut ties with Intel by 2020.

The Apple initiative, according to reports and unknown why, has the code name "Kalamata" which is part of the company's effort to make all its "electronic devices, Macs, iPhones and iPads even more compatible.”

According to reports from Bloomberg, Apple will start using custom chips in Mac models starting in 2020, replacing processors from long time partner and industry leader Intel.

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Bloomberg said on Monday that this initiative code-named “Kalamata” is still in the early developmental stages.

Apple executives have reportedly approved the project as part of the company’s broader strategy to make all Apple devices work even more similarly and seamlessly together. The initiative will likely result in a multi-step transition.

Intel shares dropped 9.2% as soon as the news broke, which is the biggest drop in the company in more than two years.

Making mobile and desktop devices that use a common chip design, according to many, could be beneficial to Apple’s related project that involves an apps platform that would permit developers to write universal apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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