Miracle as Holy Relics remain safe in St Panteleimon Church fire


Holy Relics

In what can only be called a miracle, the Holy Relics stored in the altar of the St Panteleimon Greek Orthodox Church in Adelaide have remained safe after fire destroyed the inside of the Parish.

 The Metropolitan Fire Service was able to stop the fire spreading, but the damage was so significant the church will be unable to host Greek Orthodox Easter services over the coming weekend.

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Parish President Nick Kapolos told media the Holy Relics are a “miraculous” survival, as the gold box contains fragments of St Panteleimon’s bones.

“In the altar where we keep them, everything else was pretty much burnt and the only thing that was left was the little box of the relics not damaged, not even ashes on it, it was just sitting there,” he said.

“Not a mark, no dust, no nothing — Father Michael just picked it up.

“As far as we see it, it’s a miracle, because how can everything else burn but this is the only thing that survived?”

GCT Team

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