16-year-old Anastasia Kosmetou helps create free mobile app that saves lives


Anastasia Kosmetou

She is only 16-years of age and still at school, yet for the last one and a half years Anastasia Kosmetou, from Larissa, has been working on a free mobile phone application that is helping save lives.

By downloading the free application you can quickly and easily find out where Automatic External Defibrillators are located close by, so that the machine can be transported in time near the person having a heart attack.

Named "Easy to help", 16-year-old Anastasia Kosmetou hopes all people in Larissa and Greece will download the application so that they can help anyone having a cardiac arrest, as well as those suffering from fainting, burns, bleeding, choking, fractures, insect bites and epilepsy.

Anastasia Kosmetou

Anastasia told her local paper Eleftheria, she is interested in the world of information technology, in particular in programming, and chose this subject as her mother is a rescuer with EKAB and her father is a firefighter.

The application is so far available in Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Volos and Crete, and Anastasia Kosmetou is working alongside Professor Dimitrios Liovas, head of the Center for Information Technology and New Technologies of N. Larissa, Vice President of the Scientific Union for the Promotion of Educational Innovation, Kostas Arvalis Professor Secondary Education Informatics in Larissa, Zoe Gallo, Professor at the 6th Lyceum of Larissa and Katerina Gorilla, Computer Assistant at the 6th Lyceum of Larissa.

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