Areti & Nicolas’ dreamy winter wedding


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Arteti was back home in Cyprus for summer in 2011, as she was studying abroad in Spain, when she first met Nicolas. She used to work at a summer bar to earn pocket money and Nicolas was a regular, as he knew the owners. Soon they got to know each other, became friends and near the end of the summer he asked her out.

They only dated for a month before Areti had to return to Spain to continue her studies, but they spent every day together until she left.

Nicolas brought a ticket to go and visit Areti in Madrid, and that is how their love story began. He visited Areti 3 times a year, and she came back for Christmas, Easter, summer holidays. Their long distance relationship continued for 3 years until she finished her studies and went back to Cyprus.

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Areti recalls “long distance relationships are not the best ones, but we managed to get through it and now, 6 and a half years later, we are husband and wife!”

On New Year’s Eve 2014, Nicolas proposed. They were exchanging presents with all the family and Nicholas gave Areti a huge present that was full of small presents and a greeting card, hinting she had to search the box for something that would change their lives forever.

Inside a small box was the ring!

Nicolas got down on one knee and asked Areti to join him for life and without hesitation, she of course said “yes!”

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The newly engaged couple moved in together and started planning for the wedding, without a big rush, as they wanted to take their time and make everything as perfect as possible. The wedding date was the easiest decision, as they both have sisters that study abroad and knew they could only have the wedding either during Christmas or summer holidays. Areti and Nicolas are both not huge fans of summer, so opted for a winter wedding and the more they planned, the more excited they became.

The church was the first thing they booked and tied the knot at Saint Lazarus Church in Larnaca, one of the oldest churches in Cyprus and one of the most beautiful. After that, they booked their venue, Galu Seaside, which is a beautiful spot on the beach, although they had the reception indoors of course, being December. Then came the photographer and the amazing wintery flower decorations, which captured Areti’s idea of a dreamy winter wedding.

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Areti only started looking for the perfect wedding dress a year before and visited several boutiques with friends and her mother, but no one had what she was looking for. So she decided to visit a local designer, Mariancchi Bridal, showed her 2 different wedding dresses that she had in mind and in just a few minutes, the local designer had prepared on paper a design that combined Areti’s favourite elements of both dresses she showed her.

Areti loved it from the very first moment she saw it on paper. “It was a breathtaking trumpet sleeve dress with high neck and open back, in mermaid line and a regular sized tail. It was made of a beautiful and elegant embroidered lace with net details. Although I knew it would make a wonderful wedding dress, nothing compares to the first time I saw it in front of me. It was pretty emotional and I couldn’t wait for everyone and, especially Nicolas, to see me in it,” Areti recalls.

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As for the rest of the wedding planning, it followed much later, closer to the approaching wedding date. With the help of Areti’s mother, sister and close friends, they made some beautifully handcrafted decorations, chose the earrings, shoes and everything else needed for the big day.

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Choosing to go traditional, the couple only had a best man, a maid of honour and of course flower girls and page boys, who were a part of the family. 

The big day approached quickly, and the groom’s best friends and family were gathered at his house before the wedding ceremony to watch him get ready and “dress” him with musicians playing traditional wedding songs.

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Meanwhile, Areti’s best friends and maid of honour were helping the gorgeous bride get ready. As soon as the makeup and hair was finished, they helped her get into the wedding dress, before she headed down to the living room where other musicians were playing music and all her family was waiting for Areti to give her their blessings. 

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If Areti had to choose the most special moment of her wedding day she said “that would certainly be when we exited the church together, holding hands, as husband and wife, with our beloved ones surrounding us with their love. Family and friends that had travelled from far, just to be there and share in our happiness. Seeing the smiles on their faces made that day even more special.”

*Images by Louis Gabriel Photography (Copyright)