Three mates raise Greek flag on highest point of rocky island for Turkey to see

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Three Greek friends from Fourni Island, raised the blue and white flag with pride on the highest point of the rocky island of Mikros Anthropofas, an island which Turkey believes Greece has no claim over.

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The young men sailed on a small boat displaying their Greek flags, on Friday, April 13, to the remote spot where they then proudly and honourably placed the Greek flag on the rocky island for all to see.

Anthropofas is an uninhabited island of Ikaria and part of the Municipality of Fourni Korseon.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry refers to this island as part of its "controversial areas" along with another 17 islands in the area, including Thimena and Thyminaki, Xera, Katergaria, Limenopetra, Alafnissi, Kissiria, Kournashti, Strongla, Plaka, Plakaki, Prasonisi, Makronissi, Little Anthropos, Little and Great Saint Minas.

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A secret list drawn up by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, called “EGAYDAAK”, maps out a total of 152 islands and rock islands (25 islands and 127 rock islands), which Turkey believes Greece has no claim over, essentially rejecting the Lausanne Treaty.

EGAYDAAK stands for ‘Islands, islets and rock isles whose domain was not conceded to Greece’ via international treaties, according to Turkish claims.

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