Turkish vessel rams Greek gunboat in Lesvos

Lesvos ship

Lesvos ship

A Turkish vessel rammed into a Greek gunboat early this morning in Mytilini, on Lesvos island.

According to the Hellenic Navy the incident occurred at around 4:30am after the Turkish vessel “Karmate” ignored warning signals to change course.

It has yet to be confirmed if the incident was by accident or if the Turkish vessel “Karmate” intentionally  targeted the Greek ship.

Fortunately, there was no injuries or serious damage, as reported in the Navy General Staff’s announcement, “After the event, the Turkish ship accelerated and moved away, moving to the nearest shores of Turkey, without responding to the radio calls of Armatolos.”

A similar incident occurred on January 17, when a Turkish vessel rammed into a Greek patrol boat “Nikephoros” near Imia.

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