American Dance Music Producer and DJ features Greece in his new music video ‘Only One’

Marshmello, an American electronic dance music producer and DJ has released a new song titled ‘Only One’ featuring Taylor Swift, with the music clip partly being filmed in picture perfect Greece.

Marshmello, his full name being Christopher Comstock, first gained international recognition by remixing songs by Jack Ü and Zedd, Khalid, Selena Gomez and Anne-Marie, just to name a few.

Marshmello D.J’ing

His musical style includes groove-oriented, synth and bass-heavy electronic dance music. Inspired by other masked DJs like deadmau5 and Daft Punk, Marshmello appears wearing a full-head-covering white coloured bucket when DJ’ing live.

Now, he teamed up with Taylor Swift to give audiences a bit of music they have been missing in their lives. A bonus, part of this song’s music video was filmed in Greece, featuring an old man smiling as he is sitting down in a village and a young girl and boy separately wandering and getting lost, adventuring on a journey in beautiful Greece.

You can view the music video here:

Antonia Komarkowski

Antonia Komarkowski is a second year student at the University of Sydney majoring in Modern Greek & Media & Communications. She is also on the Hellenic Club Sydney Youth Board. From a young age she loved dancing, public speaking, presenting, performing, m'cing, reading & writing. Antonia also has a passion for her Greek culture, which started at a very young age. Her parents say, “She could Greek Dance before she could run.” She loves learning about Greece's rich history, traditions, music &language & teaches Greek dancing. Seeing kids smile every time they dance makes her ecstatic- as she knew that feeling. GCT is happy to have Antonia on board as a permanent writer.