Greece’s beaches rank second in the world with most “Blue Flags” 2018


Greek beaches

Greece has ranked second in the world for the Blue Flag quality award list of beaches, marinas and sustainable tourism boats.

With the addition of 33 beaches, 3 marinas and one sustainable tourism boat, Greece comes in second in the world on the 2018 Blue Flag quality award list, after Spain with 590 Blue Flag beaches, Greece ranked second among 47 countries with 519. Fifteen Greek marinas and one sustainable tourism boat were also honoured with the quality “Blue Flag” award for 2018.

blue flags

Last year  486 Greek beaches and 12 marinas were honoured.

The Blue Flag Program is a world-renowned eco-label trusted by millions around the globe and is operated under the auspices of the Foundation for Environmental Education, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. In order to qualify for this prestigious award, a series of stringent environmental, educational, safety-related and access-related criteria must be met and maintained. Through close collaboration with their members, the Foundation for Environmental Education works to ensure the programme’s expansion, and that the unrivalled standards of the Blue Flag are maintained internationally.

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