19-year-old and her mother arrested in Athens for strangling newborn found in garbage bin

Garbage bin baby dead

newborn found dead

A 19-year-old girl and her 54-year old mother were arrested on Sunday in connection with the infant found dead in a garbage bin in Petroupoli, Athens, in February.

The baby was found in the rubbish bin, wrapped in a plastic bag, on February 26, 2018.

According to a police statement, the 19-year-old confessed that she was the baby’s mother and that she didn’t want to keep the child, so with her mother’s help they threw it into the garbage.

According to reports, she had hidden the pregnancy from her family and gave birth at home, where her mother found her after labour with the newborn stuffed with paper in its mouth. The girl's mother is the one who apparently took the baby in a bag and threw it in the bin.

The local community have been left shocked by the incident, which also occurred last month after another young mother killed her newborn straight after birth and left the infant for dead in the streets of Athens.

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