Greece ranked number 1 country in the world for a Sunny Escape


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The great local weather leaves expats wanting to stay in Greece forever and we are not surprised at all, as it is known to have the best climate in the world!

Greece has claimed this year's top spot, as the best expat destination for those in search of a sunny escape, according to the Expat Insider survey. Expats seeking an outdoor lifestyle and the weather to match should consider Greece, Portugal, Spain, Costa Rica, Uganda, South Africa, Malta, Mexico, Cyprus, or Kenya. In any of these top ten destinations the positive ratings for climate and weather amounted to at least 91 percent, 30 percentage points more than the global average.

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Expats living in the top 10 countries ideal for a sunny escape moved there for many different reasons: in the majority of these destinations, the search for a better quality of life was named as the top reason, while expats in others moved primarily for love, for their partner’s job or education, or because they were sent abroad by their employer. However, there is one thing that all ten countries have in common: at least three-quarters considered the climate and weather to be a potential benefit prior to moving, it seems like they were not disappointed, as the latest Expat Insider survey reveals.

Almost all expats (96%) rate the climate and weather in Greece positively. Sunny skies appear to brighten expats’ spirits, as 15 percent state that the main reason why they moved to Greece was for a better quality of life: on average, only eight percent worldwide have moved abroad for this reason. As a South African Expat puts it, “life in Greece revolves around family, socializing, and a good quality of life”. In fact, close to three-quarters of respondents in Greece (74%) say they are happy with their life in general. A US American expat claims, “everything is great — I could die here.” Another 58 percent of expats also think they could spend the rest of their life in Greece, while globally, only 29 percent would like to possibly stay abroad forever.

  • Satisfied with weather: 96%
  • Happy with life: 74%
  • Moved for a better quality of life: 15%
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