International Driving Permit now required to rent cars in Greece


Hiring car in Greece 

If you are planning on driving and are a non-EU resident, you will now be required to hold an International Driving Permit (IDP) along with your national driver’s license, before you are able to hire a car in Greece.

A recent law will see hefty fines applied in case of violation for both customers and rental services, as well as confiscation of the vehicle.

The Greek Car Rental Companies Association, representing rental services across Greece, is calling on the transport ministry to make the new laws clear to travellers.

“The lack of clarity on the part of the ministry will lead to misinterpretation and heavy fines in cases where – wrongly so – drivers did not hold an International Driving Permit,” STEEA said, adding that the said law “discriminates against car rental companies in that penalties apply only to rental services”.

“This may pose a problem for tourists who neglected to bring the international permit because they will not be able to rent a car in our country. The fines are huge and a circular from the ministry is needed to clarify the situation especially in view of the start of the summer season as it may impact car rental companies and tourism overall,” STEEA director Anna Vlachava told ANA.

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