Pensioners spent 2 billion euros on Greece in 2016

Greek tourism

Greek tourism

Holidaymakers above 65 years of age who visited Greece spent about 2 billion euros in 2016 according to a study by the Institute of the Association of Greek Tourist Enterprises (INSETE).

According to the research senior tourists travelling to Greece made 1.7 million trips (6.1 % of all cruise trips) and 16.5 million overnight stays (8.5 % of all overnight stays in the country with cruises). European markets account for 93 % of the visitors, 93 % of the overnight stays and 76 %  of the expenditure, while 7 % of overnight stays and 24 % of spending was from non-European markets.

"The market of elderly tourists is big and wealthy given the demographic trends and very dynamic on a global level. The adaptation of the Greek tourist product to the requirements and desires of the specific customers will allow the exploitation of the natural and cultural wealth of the country, while at the same time lengthening the season and increasing revenues." said Aris Ikkos, INTSET's scientific director.

Greece was the 7th most popular destination for European markets and the 10 most popular for non-European markets, with market shares of 5 % and 4 % respectively. Greece's main European markets were the United Kingdom (404,000), Germany (336,000) and France (238,000). Among non-European markets, the US covers 49 % of non-European travel, 58 % of overnight stays and 43 pct of spending.

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