2,300 year old shrine in Turkey turns out to be tomb of ancient Greek Boxer Diagoras

Greek boxers tomb
Greek boxers tomb
Greek Boxer Diagoras

Experts have discovered that a 2,300 year old tomb claimed to be a saint's shrine in Turkey, is in fact the final resting place of ancient Greek boxer, Diagoras of Rhodes.

For decades it was believed to be the burial place of a holy person by locals in Turgut, located near the coastal town of Marmaris and became a place of pilgrimage, with many young men known to take a handful of dirt from the site as good luck ahead of joining the army to complete their military service.

Experts have now confirmed that the tomb has ancient Greek roots and they’ve discovered that it belonged to Diagoras who lived in the fifth century BC.

A descendent of Damagetus, King of Ialysus and Messenian hero, Aristomenes, he is said to have won twice at the Olympics, in the Isthmian and a champion at the Pythian Games.

Experts also discovered an inscription in the tomb, which says “I will be vigilant at the very top so as to ensure that no coward can come and destroy this grave.”

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