Man kills 45-year-old wife in front of young son and grandchild in Trikala

Trikala death

The community of Megaloxori, Trikala have been left shocked and saddened at the news of a 50-year-old man who killed his 45-year-old wife Vayia Gania, in front of their 3 and a half -year-old son and 3-year-old grandchild.

The details described by the neighbour to have left the neighbourhood devastated, as she explained it was the young children who ran out crying for help.

“In the morning I went to church and Vayia gave me money to light her a candle, which I did and I also saw her husband who was celebrating his name day and he told me to come over in the afternoon for some sweets,” she said.

At noon though the lady heard screaming from the young kids who were calling out to her for help. The woman ran inside the house and could not believe what she saw. “I shook her to wake her up, I called her name, she was lying there in blood and I was in shock. The children understood everything, they had been crying and stood there pale and traumatised.”

According to police the husband first notified his daughters of what he had done and then turned himself in to police.

Reports have now emerged that the lady had been physically and mentally abused by her husband for years and was planning on leaving him, as he was extremely jealous and violent.

The funeral is taking place today at the Holy Monastery of her hometown and the community of Megaloxori have said they will stands by the side of her children who are suffering with the extreme loss.