New street food craze that’s hit Athens

sesame oven

sesame oven

The new food craze that has hit Athens is Oven Sesame, which serves freshly baked sesame buns packed with sweet and savoury ingredients! Inspired by the famous Thessaloniki Koulouri, these great filled snacks have a distinct taste, which has been a hit with locals and tourists alike, and here you will find people lining up to grab one!

sesame buns

The fluffy sesame buns are filled with a wide variety of ingredients of your choice and the combinations are limitless depending on your taste.


For meat lovers there is spicy beef, Loukaniko (sausages) and chicken varieties, while vegetarians can add feta, olives and any salad choice you can imagine!

Sesame salad

Athenians love it as it's a quick bite and healthy alternative, making it a great option for brunch, lunch, or a light dinner.

Sesame buns

Those with a sweet tooth, don’t despair, there is also a dessert version, as the buns can be filled with Nutella, strawberry jam, honey, cinnamon and nuts, as well as cream cheese and marmalade.

sesame buns

Prices are also great, as they begin from around 2 euro, making it a budget friendly option too!

A: Aiolou 17, Athina 105 51

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