Realistic hope for solution as FYROM- Greece negotiations conclude


Foreign ministers

Greece and FYROM’s foreign ministers announced on Monday the conclusion of their negotiations and have reached a final framework over the name dispute during the EU Foreign Ministers meeting in Brussels .

FYROM’s Foreign Minister Nicola Dimitrov said that it would be possible to reach an agreement on the country's name before the EU summit on June 28.

"We have a framework that needs more work and at the moment legal teams from both ministries are working on it," Dimitrov said. The remarks came after a meeting with the Greek counterpart Nikos Kotzias on Sunday in Brussels.

According to Dimitrov, a meeting between the prime ministers of Macedonia Zoran Zaev and Greece Alexis Tsipras in mid-week "will decide important things, from the options that are at the table."

"Possibly today or tomorrow, the negotiation will continue on technical and legal issues which must be clarified. When the technical and legal issues have been solved, then the texts made at Foreign Ministers' level will be given to the two Prime Ministers that will discuss and reach the final agreement", said Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias.

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