Most popular baby names worldwide for 2018 are Ancient Greek  

ancient Greek baby names

ancient Greek baby names

According to a new report by leading baby blog Babycentre, Ancient Greek names are the most popular choices for parents-to-be worldwide for 2018.

Although Greek tradition has it that babies are named after grandparents, many Greeks  have now shifted away from this tradition and are also choosing names they prefer, rather than naming their child after Pappou (grandfather) and Yiayia (grandmother).

According to this report, these Ancient Greek names have actually been popular in many countries for years, especially Sophia and Alexander, which are both historical Greek names but now the list is getting longer!

Ancient Greek names that are trending for girls

1. Agnes – meaning “chaste”

2. Chrysanthe – golden flower

3. Euthalia – meaning “flower” or “bloom”

4. Irene – meaning “peace”

5. Kassandra – Greek form of Cassandra

6. Lysandra – feminine form of Lysandros

7. Melissa – meaning “bee”

8. Olympias – name of the mother of Alexander the Great

9. Sophia – meaning “wisdom”

10. Xenia – meaning “hospitable”

Ancient Greek names that are trending for boys

1. Alexander – meaning “defender of men”

2. Aristotle – Name of a Greek philosopher of the 4th century BC

3. Georgios – Greek form of George

4. Heron – meaning “hero”

5. Kyros – Greek form of Cyrus

6. Linus – meaning “flax”

7. Nikias – meaning “victory”

8. Plato – a famous Greek philosopher

9. Thales – meaning “to blossom”

10. Xanthos – meaning “blonde haired”

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