How billionaires blow $1 million on Mykonos in a week

Mykonos island

Mykonos island

Ever wondered what a $1 million vacation in Mykonos looks like? Where you'll fly in on a private jet, sleep in an ocean-view villa, cruise the seas in a yacht, have front sunbeds on Nammos beach and not have to wait to be seated in the finest restaurants and bars?

Australia's Business Insider gave their readers a look at how billionaires can quickly and easily spend $1 million in just 7 nights/ 8 days on Greece's most popular island for the rich and famous!

To get a better idea of what the endless luxury afforded to a billionaire looks like, Business Insider spoke with Amir Benesh, CEO of LVH Global, a luxury home-rental service that rents mansions, villas, and yachts to the world’s wealthiest travellers. From the most exclusive restaurants around the globe to access to VIP sporting activities, Benesh has received many over-the-top accommodation requests from clients.

Interni Mykonos
*Interni Restaurant

Benesh gave Business Insider a glimpse into a $US1 million vacation in Mykonos, Greece, that accommodates up to 14 people. Included? A private jet, yacht, and luxury ocean-view villa.

The costs included are approximate. They are based on a weeklong trip of seven nights and eight days for 14 guests during the month of July and reflect the typical spend for guests, according to Benesh. All club prices are based on the number of tables needed to accommodate a group of 14.


Day 1: Travellers arrive in Mykonos via an Alerion Aviation private jet from New York City ($US287,920, round trip). They can check into Villa Cheyenne, Villa Ariana, or Villa Sara, pictured below ($US213,500 for seven nights).


Villa Sara features an ocean view, helipad, fitness center, eight bars, jacuzzi, and 12 Aegan cocooning areas. With extras, such as a villa staff, VIP concierge, security, villa DJ, food, alcohol, and staff tip, the cost of stay can increase to $US345,016.

pic 4

Day 2: Soak up some Mediterranean sun and food at the beach club Scorpios, which serves organic eats with seaside views ($US146,400 for six tables).

Dine at Interni Mykonos, an open-air dining room off of a secret passageway that transforms into a dance lounge at 2 a.m. ($US122,000 for five tables).

Mykonos Delos
*Visit Delos

Day 3: In the morning, travellers can rent three luxury vans for the day ($US21,350) and have their driver take them to Mykonos Town, where they can take the Delos Tour of the sacred island of Apollo and Artemis.

Afterward, the driver can cruise ten minutes south to Ornos, where guests can learn how to kitesurf at Kite Mykonos.

Cavo Paradiso

*Party at Cavo Paradiso

But the day is just getting started — the real fun begins with a night at Cava Paradiso, a nightclub on a rocky bluff overlooking Paradise Beach. With an oversized swimming pool and a super-disco, it attracts celebrities and well-known DJs ($US54,900 for three tables).

Mykonos pool

Day 4: After a long night, guests can spend a leisurely morning receiving all the services their villa’s spa has on offer ($US12,810).

Afterwards, they can continue a relaxing day lounging by the villa’s infinity pool, which features breathtaking views.


While the pool offers amazing sunset views, nothing beats enjoying a sunset with a glass of wine from a private balcony.

It’s the perfect appetizer to dinner at Ling Ling Hakkasan in Mykonos Town, which offers Michelin-starred modern Cantonese food and world-class mixology ($US122,000 for five tables).

Mykonos views

Day 5: Travellers can take a day trip from Mykonos to Athens via three helicopters ($US21,594 round trip).

Here, they can tour the Grecian capital’s historic landmarks, including the Acropolis and Parthenon temple.

Day 6: Travellers can cruise the Mediterranean waters via two luxury yacht rentals complete with a full yacht crew ($US48,800).

Helicopter Mykonos
*Helicopter ride in Mykonos

The yachts can make a pit stop at Paradise Beach for scuba diving with Mykonos Diving Center, a five-star dive resort.

For the last night, Guzel is the place to be. Located on the Mykonos waterfront, it offers sunset views, Mykonian elite, and a vibrant atmosphere ($US54,900 for three tables).

Ling Ling Mykonos
*Ling Ling Restaurant

Day 7: Guests can take one last excursion, spending the morning horseback riding. Total excursions throughout the trip can cost around $US6,100.

Nammos beach Mykonos
*Nammos Beach

Travellers can enjoy a last lunch among fashionable locals and a hot glitterati scene at Nammos in Psarou Beach ($US146,400 for six tables) to close out the end of the trip.

Day 8: On the last day, it’s time to jet back to New York. In total, the cost of this luxurious trip to Mykonos for 14 people comes in at $US1.3 million.

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