Pappou from Patras paints Alphavitario on school walls

Pappou from Patras paints Alphavitario on school walls 1


Who can forget the legendary Alphavitario school book reader, which has helped kids worldwide learn the Greek alphabet.

Famous for its wonderful illustrations and words, millions of children from around the globe have learnt the Alpha-Vita from these popular kids books.

Mr Giorgos Katsapidos, a Pappou (grandfather) from Patras has now dedicated many hours of his time to bring back to life the characters of Lola and Anna, on the walls of an elementary school in Souli, Patras.


All the legendary heroes that once ignited the imagination of young children has now come to life again and Mr Katsipodos has been applauded for his amazing work, which has brought back so many fond memories.


Giorgos volunteered on his own accord to add colour and life to the dull walls of the school and has in the process put huge smiles on the faces of students and locals who admire his wonderful recreations.

*Source: patrasevents.gr