Cretan wedding features 69 Koumbarous and 3500 guests

Cretan wedding

Cretan wedding

A Cretan couple were married on Friday with 69 Koumbarous (best man and maid of honour) by their side and 3,500 guests attending their big day, which definitely brings a whole new meaning to My Big Fat Greek Wedding!

Cretan wedding
*The happy couple Giannis and Anna Maria

Giannis and Anna Maria married in Fodele in Heraklion, Crete having by their side not one, not two, not three, but 69 Koumbaroi!

The wedding was a week-long affair with family and friends celebrating the couple with true Cretan traditions including plenty of dancing, music and food!

The main best man was a friend of the couple and he exchanged the Stefana (wedding crowns) and the wedding rings were changed by the other 68 Koumbaroi.

After the church service, the 3,500 guests celebrated at Olympia Pallas in Heraklion, which was said to have overflown with people both inside and outside the venue, partying till early morning!

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