Greek scientist helps terminal patient’s cancer disappear

Dr Zacharakis

Greek scientist

Nikolaos Zacharakis, a scientist from Patra and currently working with a group of researchers at the US National Institute of Health has managed to discover a way of eliminating breast cancer in its advanced stages.

This new treatment helped completely eliminate breast cancer in a 49-year-old woman who was in the final stages of the disease and was preparing for her death, given only three months to life.

Two years after the experimental treatment she is now cancer free and without any trace of bad cells in her body.

Zacharakis and his colleagues worked tirelessly on the production of millions of immune cells, which are then injected into the patient’s bloodstream, helping the body fight cancer. It is based on a “living drug”, made by the patient’s immune system cells and is now the most advanced and personalised treatment available.

"We know the enemy and we try to find the best tactics to defeat cancer," Zacharakis told ANT1's main news bulletin.

The 38-year-old scientist grew up in Patra and after graduating from the Chemistry Department of the University of Patra, he then headed to Philadelphia, where he studied and conducted research assignments on rare diseases in Norfolk. In 2015, he sent his resume to the National Health System of America and was recruited by the National Cancer Institute for this specific project, supervised by Stephen Rosenberg and has been assigned to the new experimental immunotherapy and the follow-up of the patient’s health progress.

*Source ANT1 News

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