UN Special Envoy Nimetz applauds Greece & FYROM name deal


UN Envoy Nimetz

UN Special Envoy on the name issue Matthew Nimetz warmly welcomed the agreement between Greece and FYROM on Tuesday, and called the decision “a mutually beneficial solution for the broader region.”

“I warmly welcome the announcement by Prime Ministers (Alexis) Tsipras and (Zoran) Zaev on finding a mutually acceptable solution to the “name” issue,” he said in a statement.

“I would like to congratulate the parties for reaching a successful conclusion to the talks and for resolving the difference between them,” he added.

The envoy also added the deal “will lead to a period of enhanced relations between the two neighbouring countries and especially between their people,” and said he was “encouraged by the dedication of both governments to deliver mutual benefits for all their citizens through the establishment of a strategic partnership as a basis for intensified cooperation across all sectors.”

“Above all, I want to congratulate and commend the two Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Ministers (Nikola) Dimitrov and (Nikos) Kotzias, who have demonstrated leadership, vision and determination in the negotiating process and never faltered in their efforts to reach a mutually beneficial solution for their own nation but also for the broader region,” he concluded.

This comes as millions of Greeks in Greece and abroad have reacted, saying they oppose the new name “Republic of North Macedonia” and plan on holding many demonstrations, in an attempt to stop the official signing of the agreement.

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