Grandfather in Lamia charged with raping his young grandchildren

Lamia rape case

Lamia court

The community of Lamia and the entire nation have been left shocked and saddened with disturbing news of a 69-year-old retired lawyer who has been charged with raping his 7-year-old granddaughter and 9-year-old grandson.

The horrific incident was revealed when the 7-year-old girl complained to her teacher that she was in physical pain and the school informed police, who made further investigations.  The 69-year-old denies the accusations, however forensic examinations have shown signs of friction in their genital areas.

Lamia rape case

In light of the forensic findings the grandfather’s defense attorney Dimitris Kroupis announced on Tuesday that he was resigning from the case and that his client would be representing himself.

The children lived with their mother and grandfather, with reports that the father of the family left them a long time ago.

The grandfather continues to deny the allegations, shouting “I have done nothing. I’m a lawyer of 32 years!” as he left the courthouse.


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