Church bells ring in mourning of Tsipras "Northern Macedonia" name agreement


Greek church

Metropolit of Kalavryta and Aigialia, Amvrosios, has ordered all churches in the area to ring their bells in mourning until Saturday, when Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, and his FYROM counterpart, Zoran Zaef are scheduled to sign "Republic of Northern Macedonia" as the accepted new name.

The bells will be mournful every day until the following Saturday from 11 am to 11.15 am, "on behalf of all of these Greeks and genuine patriots, who react to injustice, foreign custody and foreign exploitation," says Metropolitan Ambrosios on his blog.

He also added, "Unfortunately, the" agreement "for the name of Skopje called" Northern Macedonia" was unveiled! This fact floods our soul with anger and I imagine that the same thing happens to the soul of every genuine Greek! Only anger and indignation can dominate our soul right now"!

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