Billion dollar con artist Sorras arrested

con man Sorras

Con artist Sorras

Wanted con artist and founder of organisation "Ellinon Synelefsis" Artemis Sorras  was arrested by Attica Security Police in the greater Athens and led to before an examining magistrate on Sunday.

Sorras had claimed his organistion was in possession of 600 billion euros that he would use to save Greece from its financial strife and heavy debt burden.

He was taken into custody on the basis of an arrest warrant issued against him in March 2017 and is being questioned by the magistrate investigating the actions of his organisation "Ellinon Synelefsis".

 He was tracked down to a house in Alimos, rented from a family member, in the southern suburbs of Athens. Sorras did not present any resistance to the officers making the arrest, the sources said. Arrested with him was a 45-year-old supporter, who happened to be with him at the time of the police raid.

The charges against him relate to an investigation conducted by public prosecutor Evgenia Avlidou on the actions and activities of "Ellinon Synelefsis". Sorras and his associates in the political non-governmental organisation were charged for a series of crimes, such as setting up a criminal organisation, fraud, attempted fraud against the state and the banks as well as money laundering.

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