Sting performs live at Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Sting in Athens

Sting live Athens

Legendary English singer Sting, regarded as one of the best songwriters and talented musicians in the world performed live at the Acropolis at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Athens on Friday and Saturday night, as part of the 2018 Athens and Epidaurus Festival, in what was a sell-out event.

The crowd erupted and sang along with the English artist who also took the opportunity to call world leaders "half men and cowards" during his time in Athens, due to “their inability to solve the refugee crisis and commended Greece for its role in the crisis.”

"Thank God for Greece because you have shown the way," said Sting. "You have shown how to treat refugees when other people are building walls. When children are being taken from their mothers and put in cages, you are acting with compassion and generosity and commonsense," he said.

"Because our so-called leaders, a sad parade of half-men, cowards, have not got the solutions. Democracy began here in Greece, you are showing us how to be civilised again," he added.

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