My Greek Odyssey Launch Success

My Greek Odyssey

My Greek Odyssey

‘My Greek Odyssey’, a 13-part television series that takes viewers to some of the most spectacular and unique islands in Greece, was launched on Tuesday June 19th before a crowd of excited viewers at the iconic Beta Bar in Sydney, Australia.

The function was held to showcase this highly anticipated television series prior to it being broadcast in Australia and international markets. It was a fantastic evening that brought together friends, family and media, all of whom have a shared passion for Greece.

My Greek Odyssey
* Dr Maria Zarimis and Mary Coustas

Mary Coustas, an Australian actress, comedian and television personality, was the host for the evening who spoke eloquently about her love of Greece and support for the show. She said “People loved what they saw and wanted to see more… Shows like this need to take us somewhere. Not just to the beauty of a place, but to the history of it. To the people who inhabit it and to open our minds, hearts and imaginations to how rich the world is because of it. Peter is our conduit. His feelings, responses and passion engages us to feel the same.”

My Greek Odyssey

A highlight of the night was a live cross to My Greek Odyssey host, Peter Maneas who is currently filming series two, and at that moment in Thassos, the northernmost Greek island of the Aegean Sea. Sitting by the port and his beloved boat ‘Mia Zoi', Peter expressed his motivation for creating the show. “What I aspired to do was create something that not only took viewers to the popular tourist haunts, but also explored many of the little-known places. I wanted to tell the untold stories of real people, from every corner of the country.”

There are plans afoot for many more series to come, and if Peter’s passion is anything to go by, then it’s going to be a landmark program that will no doubt inspire not only Greek people the world over, but others who wish to experience an authentic and beautiful destination that’s unlike anywhere else on the planet.

“So far we have only scratched the surface, however in the years to come I will do my best to bring to TV screens and computer monitors, as many of Greece’s magnificent islands as I can manage to set foot on,” Peter said.

GCT will keep you updated with worldwide screening information as soon as it has been released.

*Images by Nick Bourdaniotis Photography (Copyright)

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