'To Kafeneio' offering authentic Greek food with old world charm

Το Καφενειο

Το Καφενειο

As you stroll through the heart of Plaka in Athens, you will come across a small taverna 'To Kafeneio.'

Housed in a 400+ year old building and serving customers authentic Greek cuisine every day, it retains old world charm and a quaint feel, giving you the option of sitting outside to look up at the Acropolis, or you can grab a seat inside and enjoy the old style decor.

The wonderful Athenian building was once residential and has lived through the German occupation (1940 - 1944), where historians claim children who lived there and around the neighbourhood would gather and play in the rear part of the building where the owners kept their chickens. The building was purchased by the current owners in 1995 and they haven´t stopped improving its appearance and function, while trying to keep that old Athenian look and feel.

to kafeneio

“The creation of our menu was influenced by our general view of the place and also by the historical feeling. At least one element must be common; it may be the material that it's made from, or the font in which it is written. This element usually matches the appearance of the shop so that the menu and the shop turn into memories that follow one another in the mind of our customer."

to kafeneio

Guests can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner, with dishes on the menu ranging from various regions of Greece. Eye-catching food on the menu include the ‘saganaki mastello’ (grilled saganaki from Chios, which has an aromatic and unique aftertaste), ‘promegranate feta with honey’ (puff pastry filled with spicy spicy feta cheese and thyme cretan honey) and for dessert ‘chocolate cream with garnish grated biscuit’ (Panna Cotta with Valhrona quality chocolate that makes it a completely different sweet with a truly incredible taste).

‘To Kafeneio’ is also famous for its wines from the barrel, and the cellar which has many varieties from well known wineries, which age on location under the supervision of the producers themselves. So sit back and enjoy the food, wine, and the hustle and bustle of Plaka. 

The fireplace inside, does more than give a homely feeling and warms up the place in winter, but don't worry it also comes to good use in the warmer months, as it is also used by the chef to bake potatoes in its coal-fire, and then open them and fill them with fresh butter from Kerkyra.

The taverna was one of the first of its type to open in Athens, so make sure you visit To Kafeneio whilst in Athens. 

A: Epicharmou 1, Athens

H: 10:30am-1am

W: tokafeneio.gr

P: (+30) 210 3246916