Heavy rain continues in Athens and Attica

Mandra rain

Mandra rain

It was yet another day of heavy rainfall throughout Athens and Attica on Wednesday, causing extensive problems throughout the city, while several major roads in the centre of town and sections of Attica motorways were closed to vehicle traffic in the mid-afternoon.

Traffic on Pireos Street, Hamosternas and Petrou Ralli streets were restored by the evening, police reported, while most lanes had reopened on the Athens-Corinth national highway in both directions. Traffic was also going through as normal on the Attiki Odos motorway, except for the Mandra exit that remained closed. Motorists also faced difficult conditions and heavy traffic between Dafni and the refineries.

Mandra floods

Severe problems were reported in the west Attica town of Mandra, where several people had been killed in devastating floods some months before, causing concern among local residents as the storm persisted. The central road through the town of Mandra was once again converted into a torrent as rainwater flowed down the slopes of Mount Patera above the town.

With the memory of the floods seven months ago still raw, local residents made sure to remove all obstacles in the water's path, such as cars and other heavy objects, so that the floodwater and the debris it carried down from the mountain could flow unimpeded into the sea.

The fire brigade responded to hundreds of calls to pump water from flooded basements and provide assistance, while the water was reported to be rising dangerously in roads around Aspropyrgos and Magoula. Over 80 firemen and 40 vehicles were deployed to deal with the flooding in the area.

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