Kostarelos, Kolonaki's gem of a cheese shop, deli & cafe



Kostarelos is a gem of a store in Kolonaki. More than just a Greek deli and cheese shop, it's a cafe with a comforting feeling, it is also a well known and loved cheese and dairy producer.

The history of Kostarelos began in 1937, when Pappou (grandfather) Kostarelos started making cheese and yogurt using milk from his farm for his guests at his taverna in Markopoulo. In the 1960s, he then opened up cheese and dairy facilities also in the same suburb, expanding from a small dairy production to an integrated, structured production process, still preserving to this day key traditional elements.


“Building on our family’s heritage, we share the same vision in the making of exclusive products; with a constant focus on quality, we collect milk from selected small Greek farms and make cheese, yoghurt, rice puddings and other dairy. Today, our cheese and dairy production supplies our network of seven retail stores, where one can source and savour our cheese and dairy, as well as products from Greek artisan producers, who have become our trusted partners over the years.”


In September 2015, third generation brothers, Kyiakos and Nikos opened a store in Kolonaki, a beautiful place that makes you feel instantly at home. With simple and delicious flavours that enhance the Greek tradition using their homemade cheese and dairy, it is the place to eat breakfast, lunch,enjoy a snack on the run, at or indulge in some cheese and wine. The feta cheese sandwich with bacon, mushrooms and truffle is among the best on the menu as well as the rizogalo, which has loyal customers constantly coming back for more!

Sitting inside, enjoying the many options of mouth-watering food and cheeses on offer, you also notice the walls covered with wooden planks from barrels used for ageing wine and feta cheese and the ceiling lights are made from the metallic rings used to keep the casks wooden planks together. So, not only is the food and cheese Instagram worthy, so is the simple decor and buzzing atmosphere!


What makes this place a treasure in Athens, is that you can also buy all the products you taste for home. There are of course high quality Greek deli products, but get ready to introduce your tastebuds to the world of amazing Greek cheeses! 

The wide range of homemade exceptional flavours include Anthotyro cheese ( a mild taste with a sweet and soft texture), Graviera cheese (hard cheese of golden-yellow colour made from sheep and goats’ milk), aged Kefalotyri cheese (made with sheep and goats' milk and ages for at least 12 months), Tsalafouti (a soft, creamy cheese, made exclusively from goats’ milk), Maestyri with the Greek herb throubi (a burst of flavours, with a rich and intense milk presence) and the list continues.

The quality of Kostarelos dairy products is well known and proven but really if you are in Athens, do yourself a favour and taste it for yourself!

A: Patriarchou Ioakim 30-32, Athina 106 75, Greece

H: Monday- Friday 8am-9pm and Saturday 8am-8pm

P: 30 21 0725 9000