Kotzias says he's received death threats over 'North Macedonia' name deal



Greece's Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias, says he has received over 800 hundred threatening messages including death threats over the 'North Macedonia' name deal. In an interview with a Greek radio station, Kotzias said he also received bullets and boxes containing blood and soil, without any reaction from law enforcement.

“I have received more than 800 messages with threats against myself and my family,” the Foreign Minister said. “I have received boxes with blood and soil soaked in blood and bullets.”

“Where is the prosecutor? We are talking about serious felonies and I do not see anyone reacting. I found the phones, addresses, and names of the people threatening me by phone. Authorities just make recommendations.”

He also added that “all this is reminiscent of the period 1963 -1965,” a period of political instability that ultimately led to the military dictatorship of 1967.

“We have a diversion to hate rhetoric that undermines decocracy. Have you seen any public prosecutor being bothered by this?”

This prompted the intervention of the Supreme Court prosecutor, who ordered an investigation and the case has been forwarded to the Athens Misdemeanours’ Courts prosecution department, which has been instructed to investigate whether any crimes have been committed in addition to that of making threats, where an investigation requires that an official complaint and a request for authorities to prosecute by the injured party or victim.

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