Evangelinos Michelis first to pass through to University of Athens Medical School for 2018



Evangelinos Michelis from Kefalonia has received the highest marks, with an outstanding 19.376 in his Panellinies 2018, and is the first to pass through to the University of Athens Medical School, which is one of the best established universities in the world.

Speaking of his great success, he told inkefalonia.gr, "I did not expect to do so well. I was expecting a degree that would put me through to Medicine, which was my first choice, but it was a surprise to me to be able to enter Athens Medical School straight away."

As to how often he studied, Evangelinos said, "The truth is that until last year I studied 2-3 hours a day at most. This year I started reading 4-5 hours initially, but after March, I was studying 7-9 hours a day."

Evangelinos managed to pass with 19 in Biology, 20 in Physics and 19.8 in Chemistry, achieving the highest of marks.

He is the eldest of 8 children and has made his seven younger siblings, family and entire community on the island, very proud.

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