Greek Feta cheese takes a slice of French market

Greek Feta cheese exports to France grew by 11.74% in value and 49.50% in volume in 2017 according to recent Eurostat data.

Greece is the top supplier of Feta cheese to France, with exports worth 21.3 million euros and a 54.6% and ranking 10th among France’s suppliers, with exports totalling 21.8 million euros, or 4,255 tons, and a market share of 1.43% in value and 1.22% in volume, according to Eurostat data.

In 2017, exports of Feta cheese to France totalled 21.3 million euros or 4,152 tons, up 12% in value and 50% in volume compared with 2016. France imported Feta cheese worth 39 million euros or 7,366 tons in 2017, up 6.6% in value and 24.4% in volume compared with 2016.

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