Heatwave set to hit Greece on Tuesday

Ionian islands

Ionian islands

A heatwave is set to hit Greece tomorrow, Tuesday, July 17, with temperatures rising as high as 40 degrees Celsius.

According to local meteorologists, from today through to Saturday many regions around the nation are expecting temperatures in the late 30’s.

Health organisations around the country are warning people, especially the elderly, babies, pregnant women and those with health issues to stay inside and to keep hydrated.

The areas expected to hit the highest temperatures include- Thessaly, Pedina, Fthiotida and Boeotia, Attika, Lakonia, Messinia, Argolida, Corinthia, Arcadia, Ilia, Aigia, Preveza, Crete and islands of the eastern and southeastern Aegean.

Make sure you pack your water, sunscreen and hats before you head outside!