Austria’s hardline chancellor welcomes FYROM deal with Greece

Austrian Chancellor

Austrian Chancellor

Austria’s conservative Chancellor Sebastian Kurz welcomed the recent agreement between Greece and FYROM in an interview with Greek media.

“The provision of an honest perspective and of a reliable path towards the EU for the countries of the Western Balkans serves our interests at security, political and economic level,” said Kurz.

The Chancellor, whose country assumes the EU presidency  for the next six months, called for the immediate termination of the EU accession negotiation talks with Turkey, noting that the latter is far removed from European values.

“Turkey has steadily been moving away from Europe and its values in the past years”, while also adding, “We should focus on looking into other forms of cooperation between Turkey and the EU as neighbours,” he added.

Referring to the priorities of the Austrian presidency, Mr. Kurz stresses, “Austria will continue focusing on closer cooperation in sectors such as security and the struggle against illegal immigration, on the strengthening of economic competitiveness through digitalization and on the stability in our area.”