Soccer superstar Ronaldo leaves very generous tip for Costa Navarino staff


Cristiano Ronaldo at Costa Navarino

By Antonia Komarkowski

International soccer superstar and recently signed Juventas player, Cristiano Ronald has wrapped up his holiday in Greece.

Reports have now surfaced that Cristiano left a huge £17,850 ($31,500) tip for hotel staff at the 5-star resort Costa Navarino, located in Messinia, where he was staying with his partner and family.

Cristiano was holidaying at the luxury Greek resort following his country’s elimination from the World Cup. 

It is understood that Cristiano was so impressed with the first-class service that he and his close ones received during their stay, that he left them a huge cheque as a tip to thank them, before jetting to Italy. It has also been noted that he asked the hotel management to evenly split the figure among all staff.

The Costa Navarino resort is home to two five-star luxury hotels, a health club, a spa, two golf courses and over 20 fine dining restaurants.

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