Businessman Michalis Lebidakis donates 30 cars to Cretan police

Michalis Lebidakis

Wealthy businessman, Michalis Lebidakis, who had been kidnapped and held to ransom for 186 days, has donated 30 vehicles to the police in Crete, to thank them for rescuing  him from his kidnappers.

The Deputy Minister of Finance Katerina Papanatsiou made a statement, “A donation from the public limited company “PLASTIKA KRITIS SA” has been given to the Greek State-Ministry of Interior- Headquarters of Hellenic Police Force – General Regional Police Directorate of Crete.”

The donation from Lebidakis’ company is for 30 cars, which will be allocated to the Hellenic Police Force in the near future in Crete, and is worth € 646,319.02 (over $1 million.)

Police in Crete rescued the local businessman last October.