Woman arrested for attacking babies in Athens shopping Mall

baby attack Athens

Police have arrested a 55-year-old woman who has repeatedly attacked babies in a shopping mall in Agios Dimitrios, a southern suburb of Athens. The woman approached mothers with babies and would scratch them with a sharp object.

The woman was arrested after several mothers had come forward saying their infants had been hurt.

From security cameras, police were able to locate the woman on Thursday.

She reportedly told police she was “innocent” and would never hurt babies because she “loves children.”

However, several parents told media that the alleged attacker had injured babies also in the past and one mum said she had slapped her baby across the face in the same shopping centre about a year ago.

According to police, the woman would go to the Mall regularly where she would walk around in search of her next victim.

She will be appearing before court with charges of bodily harm to babies and for resisting arrest and is also undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

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