Death toll rises to 24, including 6-month-old baby dying of Smoke Inhalation


Attica fires

In the latest updates from Greece’s Attica region, the death toll has tragically risen to 24 and more than 100 injured, caused by a wildfire that swept through Mati, east of Athens.

Amongst the victims is a 6-month-old baby who died of smoke inhalation as the parents fled their family home and tried to seek safety at the beach. However, the infant encountered breathing problems and was taken to Agia Sophia Hospital, where despite doctors efforts, passed away.

Attica wildfires

The fire in Mati village has been described as by far Greece’s worst since blazes devastated the Peloponnesian region in August 2007, killing dozens.

Greece has issued an urgent appeal for help to tackle the fires, which have raged uncontrollably in several places across the country, destroying homes and disrupting major transport links.

The army was drafted in on Monday afternoon to help fight the blazes and Cyprus and Spain have both offered to help.