Father in desperate search for twins last seen in TV footage escaping the fires

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65c63552 koritsia

A father is appealing for help to find his missing 9-year-old twins Sofia and Vasiliki Philippopoulos, after they were caught up in the devastating fires.

The girls went missing with their grandparents amid the blases that engulfed and damaged the small seaside town of Mati.

The father of the girls, Mr Philipopoulous said him and his wife had searched for their daughters in hospitals, police stations and even a morgue, before seeing TV news footage of the girls getting off a fishing boat, which probably picked them up after they fled the flames and headed for the relative safety of the ocean. This has given them hope that they are still alive, despite The Greek Coast Guard confirming that they had no record of the twins' whereabouts or condition.

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Earlier, GCT reported about an Irish couple on their honeymoon caught up in the wildfires, who separated trying to flee. The Irish man Brian O’Callaghan-Westropp, who was missing, has now been confirmed dead. His wife still remains in hospital where she is being treated for burns.



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