Olympiacos donates € 1 million to Fire Victims of Attica

Olympiacos stadium

With the deadly fires in Attica that has to date killed 74 people and dozens more missing, Greek sport federations have sent their condolences and support to all those affected.

Greek soccer team Olympiacos stated they are alongside all Greeks mourning for their fellow humans and have announced that they will donate € 1 million to help the victims affected by the fire. They will also initiate the necessary procedures to open accounts in three banks (Piraeus, Ethniki, Alpha) so that the fans of the club and anyone else wishing to offer are able to do so. 

Olympiacos stadium

PAOK FC said they will allocate all the proceeds of their game against Basel, to repair damage and relieve the families affected, also expressing their condolences to the families of the victims on twitter.

The Hellenic Tennis Federation (Ε.Φ.Ο.Α.) expressed their deep sorrow and condolences on their website, as they announced they will deposit € 1.000 in an account designated by the Greek State, inviting all Sports Federations and the athletic family to support this effort for the benefit of the victim’s families. 

The Hellenic Federation of People's Sports and Broadcasting Associations (Ε.Ο.Σ.Λ.Μ.Α.Υ) communicated their sorrow of the human lives lost and the destruction the country has suffered in an offical statement on their website. They have appealed to all the associations in Greece to assist in the gathering of necessary items for the victims. They stated “What is absolutely necessary at this time is pharmaceutical material and mainly gauze, Betadine, Fucidin, baby diapers, baby wipes and long-keeping foods (paximadia, biscuits, etc.)”

Other federations, including The Greek Basketball Federation, The Hellenic Football Federation, The Hellenic Swimming Federation, The Pan-Hellenic Association of Paid Soccer Players, The Greek Volleyball Federation, The Greek Handball Federation, The Greek Taekwondo Federation and The Greek Judo Federation, also conveyed their condolences to the victims who have been struck by the tragedy.