Airbnb to House those affected by Greek wildfires

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Airbnb is providing people in Greece who had been evacuated or made homeless by the wildfires in Greece, with free accommodation under the ‘Open Homes’ project.

The company notes that the ‘Open Homes’ initiative highlights Airbnb’s principle of a community-based operation that wants to give back, housing displaced individuals and relief workers for free through to August 7.

On Airbnb’s website, a map displays the fire-afflicted regions across Greece and indicates which hosts have opened their homes, with Airbnb waiving all booking fees or charges for homeowners and those who are staying there.

The project began in 2012 after Superstorm Sandy struck parts of the United States and has now taken on a global disaster role helping thousands of people find safe accommodation while they try to rebuild their lives after natural disasters, wars, conflict, and other events.