Onassis Foundation Donates 5 million euro to Fire-Stricken Attica


fire stricken Attica

In a statement, the Onassis Foundation expressed its deep sorrow for the victims of the deadly fires in Attica and promised unwavering support for their families by donating 5 million euros.

The funds will be made available to meet the urgent need to rebuild the fire-stricken areas and to address the fires in general across Greece.

The Onassis Foundation's announcement states: "In moments like these, there is not much to say, just to be done. The Onassis Foundation is responding to the urgent need to relieve people and families affected by the devastating fires in Western and Eastern Attica and will support the State with 5,000,000 euros. Support will be provided to meet the urgent needs, in cooperation with the State, to rebuild the affected areas and, in general, to address the fires in our country.

The Onassis Foundation expresses its deep sorrow for the victims of the deadly fire and its full support for families and their families. "


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