PM Tsipras says he takes “Full Responsibility” for wildfires, yet still no apology

Tsipras responsibility fires

Tsipras responsibility fires

The Greek public is outraged at the government’s refusal to take any blame for Monday’s deadly wildfires in Attica and now after 5 days, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has announced he takes “full political responsibility.”

“The dead cannot talk but the least we can do in their memory is to show respect for the truth. I want to take full political responsibility for the tragedy before the cabinet,” he said at the start of an emergency meeting at Maximos Mansion.

Tsipras's opponents went on the offensive on Friday, as three days of national mourning ended, accusing the Government of failing to apologise for the disaster.

Seeking to deflect public anger, Tsipras told ministers he was conflicted over whether the authorities had done everything right in response to the disaster.

Tsipras and his government to now have still not made any public apology to the families who have lost loved ones and to those directly affected by the deadly fires.