“We Don’t Have a Home but we are Alive” say siblings who survived the fires


brother and sister wildfires

Heartbreaking words have been shared by a 17-year-old boy and his younger sister, who survived the deadly fires in Mati.

Holding each other's hand, they walked to the ruins of their home for the first time since the fires and have found nothing but ashes.  “There is no man on earth who prefers to have his home rather than a member of his family. The house is fortunately rebuilt but a human life can not come back," said the 17-year-old to Alpha news.

"There is nothing left. Here we have lived our entire childhood, my sister and I and now everything is gone,  it’s like watching a documentary of a country during war."

Describing the nightmare they lived, he said "We made our way to the sea and we were there for about 5 hours. There was so much smoke, you couldn’t breathe, it was so hard. Even if you put your head in the water, you could see and smell the smoke.”

His young sister added, "I do not think I can ever get these images out of my mind. I will remember it as the worst time of my life.”