18-year-old artist Dimitris Roggitis Dedicates Painting to Wildfire Victims

Dimitris Roggitis painting fires

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The tragedy of the deadly wildfires in eastern Attica, which has already cost the lives of 91 people, shocked Greece and the entire world.

The dramatic hours where hundreds of people were running for their life, very much touched an 18-year-old artist who has been distinguished throughout Europe for his fine artwork.

Dimitris Roggitis from Andravida, Ilia in the Peloponnese, was so moved by the tragic event that he worked on a piece dedicated in memory of all of the victims who lost their lives.

“Because of this tragic event in Attica, I dedicate my painting in memory of all the victims. Through my art, I want to express the sadness and tragedy," Dimitris told Greek City Times.

“I have become so touched by every story I've heard over the last few days and I thought it is right to dedicate a piece of my work to all of them.”

"Really I'm hoping all those who have lost family, friends, and homes are able to stand up on their feet again and to one day overcome this huge tragedy. I want to give them hope," Dimitri said.