Dimitris to say Final Farewell to his Family taken by Deadly Wildfires

Cretan family dies in Attica fires

Cretan family dies in Attica fires

Dimitris Katsoulakis is mourning the loss of his father, mother, brother, and grandmother, who all tragically lost their lives in the deadly wildfires in Attica, with their funeral taking place today, Tuesday at 4 pm in Athens.

The Cretan family of Markos Katsoulakis, his wife Katia Avramidou, their son Pari Katsoulakis and mother-in-law Garyfalia Moraitis were all caught in the disaster and could not manage to escape the deadly flames.

Dimitris, their youngest son wasn't there at the time and is now left mourning his entire immediate family and grandmother.

"My father, my mother, my brother and my grandmother are all gone. Last time I spoke with my brother was last Monday afternoon, but then I couldn't talk to him again because we lost signal," Dimitris told Real FM radio.

''The house was completely burned. I went to Mati to search for them but found only their cars that were parked on the road. I spoke to one of my mum's friends who said they all walked towards their cars together but then separated as the smoke was everywhere and they couldn't see in front of them."

Dimitris' father Markos worked for many years at The Hellenic Post and was a very valued employee, with the company expressing their condolences to Dimitris and assuring they will take care of him.

"The Greek Post Office will do everything possible for Dimitris to be hired here and to be able to continue his father's great work."