Two bodies found floating off Athens’ southern coast

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Two bodies have been recovered off the southern coast of Athens on Tuesday, according to reports.

The first body that bears burn marks was found floating by an amateur fisherman near Palaio Faliro and alerted authorities immediately. The fire service has clarified in a press release that the body belongs to a woman. Police and ambulance crews waiting to collect the remains reportedly confirmed the body burns.

The unidentified remains will be transferred to the forensic laboratories where an autopsy and a DNA test will clarify if the unidentified remains belong to persons reported missing in the fire that killed more than 90 people in the town of Mati last week.

The second body was recovered in the ocean off the coast of Glyfada. The body was found floating by a man who was sailing out on his boat and too, immediately altered authorities. According to initial information, the body belongs to a man of about 50 years of age. It is not yet confirmed whether the body of the man was a victim of the devastating wildfires.

Greek officials fear the sea has turned into a watery grave for many young and old who simply couldn’t hold on until volunteer fishermen and other private boat owners could pull them to safety.

Reports have also confirmed that another body was pulled out of the waters by divers off the coast of Mati on Monday, as efforts continue to find victims who may have possibly drowned in their attempt to flee the fires. On Monday the fire service identified 70 of the bodies recovered by the rescue teams in the fire, while 14 remain missing.

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