Motor Oil (Hellas) to undertake restoration of Lyreio Children Foundation Orphanage

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Founded in 1969, the Lyreio Children Foundation is described as a model Orthodox orphanage where few devoted nuns care for, raise and educate children.

The purpose of the orphanage is to provide free shelter, health care and education to underprivileged children, who have either been abandoned by their parents, orphaned or are facing serious family, economic or social issues.

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Sadly, the orphanage was severely damaged by the fires, where 45 children were forced to evacuate before the flames engulfed the premises in the village of Neos Voutzas. The Foundation had set up a donations account in the hope to restore the orphanage.

Motor Oil (Hellas) Corinth Refineries S.A. has offered to undertake the restoration of the Lyreio Children Foundation, an Orthodox orphanage that was damaged by the deadly fires that hit eastern Attica last Monday.

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The company will undertake immediate remediation of damages that were caused to the building. In particular, the company will restore buildings destroyed by the fire such as the children’s residence, the reception and living quarters, the accounting and welfare facility and the food storage and kitchen.

Motor Oil (Hellas) Corinth Refineries S.A. has met with Lyreio Children Foundation’s Board of Directors to discuss immediate action to restore the foundation and its needs as quickly as possible after the devastating fires.

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The company will also replace vehicles needed to meet Lyreio Children Foundation’s children’s transport needs, while also contributing to the restoration of the Foundation’s outdoor space.

"Our goal is our contribution to help the Foundation to continue its important humanitarian work for the children of our country," the company said in a statement.

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